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“Youths with wings are the assurance of our nation’s future. We must start to work right away and make progress so that if one day, Westerners leave their footprints on the moon, we shall place a Turkish one among them”

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Our primary aim is to bring together, students from all departments of the university and to carry out academic
and cultural projects on an international scale.
Ensuring the participation of international students from as many universities we can partner with in the world in
joint forums there by promoting different cultures and geographical regions.
On the 29 the of October 1933, in Ankara, during the anniversary of the republic, Mustapha Kemal Ataturk said that
We should attempt to raise the national culture of turkey above the level of contemporary civilization, and
always support her national unity with every available means so turkey can shine as a new sun on the horizon
of the great future”.

The aim of AIC is to make Altinbaş University an important meeting point on the international academic level
all over the world and to help university students gain experience academically and socially on this field.
 Our activities would include
– meeting regularly in order to improve the foreign languages of international and Turkish students.
– Creating an academic portal and sharing publications of university academics, students and non-
university researchers over a website. To distribute these publications at regular intervals in online e-
– Organizing promotional activities that would enable us to follow projects with international
organizations like UNESCO, UNICEF, United Nations ensuring that the community members are
familiar with international organizations and communities.
– Organizing events promoting the cultures of different countries, helping students from this country take
initiative in these events. In doing so, it brings together academic production forms with other forms of
– To carry out projects in the field of "Cyberpolitics" in which other university communities will also be
integrated on the internet. In this scope, Altınbaş University will be an important meeting point by
creating panels, workshops and working groups to be invited by universities in the country and beyond
because the 21 st century students are interested in the field of online press and publishing activities. E
– Performing promotional activities and conferences with business associations and companies in order
to ensure the easy and efficient career ideas and directions for the students of Altinbas University and
most importantly ensure academic excellence among ourselves via study groups.

We hope to get enough support and guidance from everyone and ensure that our work is transferred
to the public through ways such as books, magazines, articles, newspapers, TV and radio.



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